Family Dentistry


At the dental practice of Anthony B. Bonura, DMD, PA, we believe that exceptional family dentistry should focus on protecting your overall health and happiness. Dr. Bonura and our team understand the value of keeping your family safe and healthy. We have been delivering trusted care across Hasbrouck Heights and the surrounding Essex County communities since 1981.

Our dentist combines the best preventive care, education, trusted techniques, and modern technology. By doing so, we can give your family everything they need to protect their oral health. We have also designed our office to be warm and welcoming, so you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our doors.

We genuinely enjoy serving individuals five years of age and up. Dr. Bonura and his team welcome new and existing patients across Hasbrouck Heights, Hackensack, and the surrounding Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County communities. For family-focused dentistry you can trust, contact us today!

Family Dentistry Services Focusing on Prevention

When it comes to protecting your general health, receiving dental care designed to treat your unique needs at every stage of life is essential. Oral and overall health are closely linked, and having a dentist who understands the importance of this connection can benefit you beyond achieving a beautiful smile.

Dr. Bonura offers a wide variety of family services designed to detect and treat concerns that could impact your health throughout your lifetime. Our solutions are tailored to meet your children, spouse, parent, or grandparents' specific needs. Our family dentistry services include, but are not limited to:

  • Dental Cleanings & Exams
  • Prevention & Education
  • Dentistry for Children
  • Sealants & Fluoride Treatments
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation for Adults
  • Sleep Apnea, Sports & Nightguard Appliances
  • Dental Implant Restorations
  • Composite Fillings
  • Crowns, Bridges & Dentures
  • Root Canal Therapy & Extractions
  • Gum Disease Treatment & Maintenance

Sometimes, protecting your dental well-being requires more intricate care. Our dentist has decades of experience working closely with trusted specialists in our area to ensure you receive the best care possible. When your kids need braces, we have a neighboring orthodontist we trust just two blocks away.

Local pediatric dentists in our network are available when your child needs expert care. Dr. Bonura collaborates closely with an implant specialist, planning for precise dental implant treatment from beginning to end.

For Children & Teens


Caring for young smiles requires a compassionate approach, using easy-to-understand language. Before we do anything, we make sure your child feels welcome and comfortable. Dr. Bonura believes that eliminating anxiety and establishing trust early on contributes to positive dental care well into the future.

We demonstrate the correct ways to brush and floss during appointments and why it's important. Our team can also apply sealants and fluoride to protect baby teeth against tooth decay. Our dentist continues to work with kids as they enter their teen years, supporting them as they take more responsibility for their dental health. We also offer custom sports guards for active teens and mouthguards for protecting teeth during sleep from bruxism.

Dynamic Dental Care for the Diverse Needs of Adults & Seniors

The oral health needs of adults and seniors are often the most diverse. After many years of use, damage, discoloration, and decay are common. Our comprehensive solutions protect oral health and preserve natural teeth whenever possible. We offer nitrous oxide sedation as a safe and effective way to help maximize your comfort during treatment.

Common services we provide for adult and seniors often include:

Sleep Apnea Appliances – We provide various appliances designed to lessen snoring and sleep apnea symptoms for a better night's sleep. Some options work by supporting the jaw and gently moving it forward to help open the upper airways.

Restorations – Our team offers a wide range of customized dental restorations designed to protect natural teeth or replace those lost. Available options include white composite fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. We can adjust these options to accommodate your goals and your budget.

Root Canal Therapy – Dr. Bonura performs root canal therapy when infection comprises the integrity of a tooth. RTC is designed to eliminate discomfort and disease and save natural teeth whenever possible. Our dentist removes infected tissues and nerves, known as the pulp, from the root canal chamber, cleans the inside, then finishes with a filling or crown.

Extractions – Teeth that cannot be saved by root canal therapy because of severe damage, decay, or infection may need to be removed. While we always strive to preserve your natural teeth, sometimes an extraction is the best option to protect your long-term oral health.

Gum Disease Treatment & Maintenance for Optimal Oral Health


At the practice of Anthony B. Bonura, DMD, PA, our top priority is protecting your overall health and happiness. Sometimes, doing so requires treating treat gum disease. Our skilled hygienists perform tooth scaling, root planing, and scheduled maintenance cleanings for addressing gum infection effectively.

Scaling includes removing toxic plaque and tartar buildup from above and below the gumline. Root planning involves smoothing out the surface of tooth roots to encourage proper healing and tissue re-attachment. Maintenance cleanings may be scheduled as often as every three months, depending on your needs.

Why Prevention Matters: The Oral-Systemic Connection

Routine dental prevention through cleanings, exams, and oral hygiene education can benefit you in many ways. Healthy smiles free of tooth decay and gum disease significantly contribute towards proper dental function, beauty, and better overall health. This is because of the close link connecting your dental health and general well-being, otherwise known as the oral-systemic connection.

For example, specific general health concerns can manifest early warning signs in the mouth first. This means that dentists are often the first professionals to discover underlying medical issues during routine dental exams and cleanings. As a family dentist, we can protect your health by analyzing your dental health risks and providing effective treatment according to age.

Family Dentistry from Our Welcoming Dental Practice

Dr. Bonura and his team believe that individuals of all ages deserve to experience exceptional dental care in a respectful and welcoming environment. We are committed to delivering quality family dentistry in Hasbrouck Heights, Hackensack, and the Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County communities. Contact us today!

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